Friday, 8 May 2015

Secrets and Salvation by Lianne Cotton


Ana was left devastated when Jackson picked his family over her. Now back in Chastity Falls, she is struggling to get over her feelings for the man who resurrected her just to break her again. With the help of her group of friends, Ana tries to move on with her life without Jackson. Jackson left Ana to keep her safe from the drama that surrounds him, only Ana still isn't safe with him out of her life. Secrets are revealed, bonds are tested, will Ana and Jackson be able to piece things back together or will these secrets rip them apart.

This book. This series. I just cannot get enough of this story. Once again L.A Cotton caught me from the beginning and took me on a journey with the characters I love so much. Jackson and Ana are characters that I literally feel how they are feeling, as I follow along with a story line that just has something special about it. Honestly, I recommend this novel as well as Loyalty and Lies every chance I get! If you haven't checked these ones out yet I urge you to do it NOW!


(Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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