Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Forever My Home Cover Reveal

We met Alora Kate awhile ago through our blog. She approached us asking to review her first novella "From Summer and Fall." Since then, we've had the pleasure of watching her craft grow, and been part of several releases. And this one, is one that we are even more excited for! This is a full length novel from Alora, and having had the pleasure of reading the prologue, I just know it's going to be amazing!

So without further ado, the cover reveal for "Forever My Home" by Alora Kate

Forever My Home 
The Aster Lake Series #1
by Alora Kate
Genre - Romantic Suspense

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“Now, this is going to be hard for you … but you have to leave.”
Adalyn is on the run.
From who? She doesn’t know.

From what? She doesn’t know.
“You have to trust us Adalyn,” my dad stressed.
That’s exactly what she plans on doing.
For the first time in her life, she’s on her own, and has no idea what to do.

Rudd Archer has lived in the same small town for most of his life.
He’s alone, has been since his parents were taken from him much too early.
He’s always wanted a family, a house full of kids.
Unfortunately, Rudd is a loner and keeps to himself.

What will happen when Adalyn comes stumbling into his life, renting out the apartment above his house. Is it just a coincidence, or will she be ‘the one’ for him? Will she open herself up to strangers, or will her past get in the way of her own happiness?

This is the first book in the Aster Lake Series, told from dual POV’s.
Recommended for 18+, Romantic Suspense

About The Author:
"I hear voices in my head and I love that it’s totally okay." - Alora Kate

Alora Kate – Pen Name

There are many reasons why she chooses to use a Pen Name. She battled with the idea but in the end, it’s a dedication. Alora Kate is a dedication to someone special who left this world way too soon.

She doesn’t write to get rich, or famous. She does it because she loves it. If only ten people bought her book and loved it, then it was worth her time to write it. She loves to share her crazy world and characters with you.

She is a single mom of a very active 3yrs old. He is her whole world, and life wasn’t complete until he came along. She is also a full-time college student studying photography and graphic design.

Where to find Alora Kate:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authoralorakate
Amazon: http://goo.gl/F4iTf2
Goodreads: http://goo.gl/zxRi4z
Twitter: http://goo.gl/J6aWrh

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