Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Detour and Derailed by Lisa Marie

OK, I'm kind of cheating in this post. It's a double whammy of the Terminal Series by Lisa Marie. Because we are so behind, we're trying to get as much caught up (which unfortunately isn't actually very much) all at once. So, today I bring you TWO reviews for Lisa Marie's new series. 


Oh Landyn Pierce... You and all your soft words, they make me melt and wish I were Siannon (pronounced Shannon). I guess that's what happens when you're the lead singer of a world famous band. You become this man with an ability to woo with words. But to stay such a grounded person in the process? That's awesome. 

Lisa Marie has brought us another amazing read. What I love most about Lisa's books is that I know she's going to make me finish the book in one sitting, and probably in one afternoon. The stories are quick, and provide enough emotional connection with both characters and plot to keep the book in your hands til the very end. 

Just go and get it now. Landyn and Siannon's romance will not disappoint. 


Desmond Charter, what have you done! That's what I said when I finished this book. OK, maybe I cursed... And then promptly cursed this book's author, as well.

Lisa Marie wrote a great book about Desmond Charter, a sexy drummer with a dark and lusty side. And then he meets his match in Lexi. She's as fiery as Des is sexy and loves to play, too. What starts off as a "friends with benefits" sort of thing turns into a whirlwind of unexpected emotion for the pair of them.

If you love a sassy romance and are wanting an easy to read quickie (pun intended!), I suggest picking up this book. It's the second book in a series of standalones so you could read it on it's own, or you could get Detour (book One in the Terminal series) and see what all the fuss is about with the bad boys of Terminal.


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