Friday, 6 March 2015

Happily Evan After by Michelle Irwin


Happily Evan After is the story of Evan and Rebecca. Evan is serving an unknown sentence as life of a Cupid, assigned to bring couples their true love. Rebecca is his next assignment, who for some reason seems to pull on our dear Cupid's heart strings more than any other assignment has in the past, leaving him to travel a little down memory lane, as he watches Rebecca meet up with Drew, and toys with the idea of breaking all the rules to serve both himself and his new assignment.

This story is low on angst, and brings a fresh perspective of romance and paranormal blending together. The characters were beautifully written, allowing us to feel, cheer them on and want to guide them down the path we just know is right.

I highly recommend picking up this book if you're wanting an easy read to bring you out of a rut. 


(Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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