Sunday, 22 March 2015

Zel by Shantaye Brown


When Asher Winger meets Zelina he has no idea what he is throwing himself into. Zelina however won't give Asher the time of day when he shows up at the restaurant she works in often. After essentially stalking her and following her home he realises Zel is nothing like he thought she would be. Zelina has no time for anyone, if you ask her she'll tell you she has no emotions either except maybe anger. When Asher follows her home one time he makes a mistake that leads to a discovery he never imagined. People are after them and Zel takes it upon herself to keep them both alive. What happens when secrets are exposed, lies are told and relationships are changed?

This book was not your typical romance story in any way. Our heroine Zelina or Zel for short is the bad guy with a dirty mouth and a bad attitude. Asher is an arrogant college guy with an attitude that's crappy too. What happens when you throw the two together? CRASH, BANG, BOOM! This book has a dark theme to it and at first I found myself wondering just what I had gotten myself into, only to get caught up in all that is Zel. If you are squeamish, don't like swearing, violence, or rough intercourse do not pick up this book... if you are OK with those things however pick this book up right now and get ready to utter 3 words... WTF?


(Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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