Monday, 22 December 2014

The Ember by Lisa Messier

Rating: 5 STARS

Wow, I don't even where to start with this review. This is the second book in the Future of Flames and it picks up right where the first one left us. 

In this we follow along while Raina discovers more about her family, her powers and what she was truly created to do. Along with her guard and boyfriend Dinan, she sets off in search of allies in the war she knows is coming making new friends and enemies on the way. One of my favorite to the addition of characters in this story was Bridget, I am so glad to see Raina making real loyal friends since she has been wronged most her life. 

It is such a fascinating world that Lisa takes us into and it had me riveted. I soaked up every morsel of information I was being fed and remained hungry for more when I finished this book. I have so much more I could say about this book if I wanted to ruin it for you but I can't. This book is definitely up there in my list of favourite books I've reviewed so far and I will be here drooling for more to devour. Pick up your copy of The Spark today if you already haven't and then be sure to read The Ember.


(ARC provided for honest review.)

*** You can find the review of "The Spark" the first book in this series here.

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