Saturday, 31 January 2015

Broken Love & Forever Bound by Layla Stevens


This book had me spinning in a few different directions during my read-through. It is graphic and very intense. It is not a light and easy read by any means whatsoever.

Kayla's life was not pretty and easy. Appearances of a family unit are often never as they seem. This is proven time and time again in this book. Edwin and Elijah are two dreadful relatives of Kayla's whose mission in life seems to be to torture their sister. Kayla was driven from her home, her hometown and away from the few people that kept her stable. When life brings her back to her hometown, she's left paranoid and unsure of what's real, what's going to happen, and what she can trust.

This story has so much potential. The warning for 18+ is a definite must. There was a lot of very graphic scenes- almost too many. I understand wanting to show the then & now process, but it was a lot. My only other issue with this story was the flow. It felt choppy, bounced back and forth, and was hard to keep up with. POVs, conversations and thoughts all seemed to run together in some situations and took away from what I thought could have been presented differently to create better flow.


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