Saturday, 10 January 2015

Reading Challenge Week 1


Read a Mystery or Thriller book

Kelly Hill by Laura Gibson
Amazon US

Wow I don't even know what to say for this one because I honestly just want to tell you EVERYTHING!!!

The book goes back and forth between the past and the present as we are slowly immersed in Phillips academy and the life of Rachel. A girl who struggles with a dysfunctional family who never felt home anywhere other than at Phillips. Then bad things start happening, and Rachel doesn't know what to do. When secrets force her to leave Phillips academy and those she knows behind she vows to keep them so no one gets hurt. Then Kelly Hill walks back into her life, someone she thought she would never see again. Now let me tell you about Kelly Hill... I fell in love with his character at first grin. Kelly Hill is keeping secrets too, secrets not even Rachel knows. When Rachel and Kelly's secrets threaten to unravel at the discovery of a dead body on Phillips grounds Rachel must return to Phillips and do something she feels she should have done before.

Now this does leave you with a cliff hanger that honestly killed me. Definitely left me anxiously waiting for the next release!


The Truth About Love by Sheila Athens
Amazon US

Polar opposite in career decisions, but uniquely similar reasons for following those paths... What more could be said for creating a dynamic and interesting read? Nothing, really. Sheila Athens has given us a story that is well written, has fantastic plot and character development and leaves us hooked. 

Gina Blanchard is in town for the summer for an internship. She meets Landon Vista by chance at a volleyball game, when they're teams are playing against each other.They felt a connection, and attempt to act on it, while discovering small pieces of their personal lives that conflict with their career choices, but bring them together in the most interesting way. Gina has her secrets and reasons, while Landon's past is all out in the open, which gives him reason enough to want to stand back, and take a second look at the bigger picture.

I don't think I can say much more without giving the whole story away. It's fantastically written, I highly recommend this book to any reader. It's not all out romance, it's not all out mystery and intrigue. It's just a great book. Go get it and read it, now! 


*** Read as part of our reading challenge, not officially blog-related


  1. Seriously!, You guys are gonna put me in the poor house with all these great books! Do they even have poor houses anymore? I think I may have aged myself with that comment. :)

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