Tuesday, 27 January 2015

High Wire by Angela Biera

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High wire is the continuation of Haywire, picking up where it left off. It starts off intense and scary, and if you've read Haywire, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. An intense situation that's resolved, but leaving us with heartache, too. 

Through this book, we watch Sophie and Liam add definition to their relationship, Liam finish college and move onto a pro-ball career. This book centres around these events, mainly. Sophie needing to come to terms with her past, her fears, and what will be best for their relationship. All the while, Sophie tries to become more independent, making decisions to move forward after trauma, and finds new strength in her friendships, and family. 

This book offers a great ending to Haywire, I was quite pleased with both parts. This can't be read as a standalone, so make sure you've read Haywire, and pick this one up to read right after! Don't leave yourself hanging. ;)


*** You can find the review for the first book "Haywire" here.

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