Friday, 9 January 2015

Catch Me by Terra Kelly


This is the story of Isabel Sloane and Drew Winters. Isabel has just moved for a temporary position to North Carolina from Philly after ending a relationship with a sleazy co-worker. After struggling with her feelings about her plus size body for most her life, feeling comfortable in her own skin but a little unsure about others. Isabel is unsure whether or not to believe it when the hunky firefighter Drew tells her she's gorgeous. She begins a relationship with him and falls hard, leaving her with questions can someone as gorgeous as him really love me? What happens when my time here is over? Will we really be able to have a future?

This story gets a 3.5 almost a 4 from me. I love the storyline and I love Drew and Isabel, they were honestly, just a little too much for me. They have a very romantic relationship I just felt like maybe they came off as a little too strong, too soon and while some people love this it's just not really for me. So if you want a super sweet easy read I recommend this to you and tell you to ignore my rating and give it a shot I am confident many readers can connect with them in a way I didn't.


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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