Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Devada by Tich Brewster

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                                                              RATING: 4 STARS

This is the story of Hannah, who has no idea she happens to be a Devada. One of the only things able to kill specific demons. Like the four kings of hell maybe? Hannah lives a seemingly normal life for a high school girl,  her best friend is a boy named Chris. The first sign of trouble are the nightmares she has of losing both of her parents, frightened by them but convinced they are just nightmares Hannah thinks nothing of it. Then things start happening and we meet Josh and Raum, when things get crazy and she loses everything Hannah has to rely on these two to help her learn what she must do to help keep the world safe.

This was a very faced paced, clean novel. I enjoyed the characters, Hannah is very down to earth and I love that she didn't sit there and feel sorry for herself when things went bad. Josh is an absolute sweetheart and the definition of the 'good guy,' whereas Raum is the opposite; smart-mouthed and cocky (which just happens to make him my favourite character). The story kept up at a steady pace and overall was a good read!


Copy provided in exchange for honest review.

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