Saturday, 7 February 2015

Soul Discovery by Miranda Shanklin


This is the final book in the Soul Saver series by Miranda Shanklin and you will not be disappointed. With the passages to the other realms open for travel, the gang is hard at work making sure visiting creatures are respecting the hosts of the realms. They begin to think that the faeries and trolls might be up to something and they set off to figure it out. Annisa and Chase decide to set off on their own to visit the magickal creatures they had only heard about up until now as they work to make sure their realm; and all the others they have sworn to protect, remain safe.

The different magickal creatures we are introduced to make this book my favourite in the series. There were surprises and new characters that I absolutely LOVED as they came into play and I found myself wishing for more when it came to them. Miranda did a great job rounding out the ending leaving me satisfied with the complete story. If you haven't picked up book 1 in the soul saver series and are into paranormal NA I would recommend this series to you.


(Copy provided in exchange for honest review.)

*****Reviews for books 1,2, 3 and 4 are also available.

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