Thursday, 26 February 2015

Shattered by Janet A Mota


After being raped in high school and no one believing her, Haylee runs away from Fort Lauderdale after spending the rest of the her senior year haunted by her attacker. While in college, she meets her room mate Stacey and the two immediately hit it off. After learning that Haylee's parents; who have been extremely distant since her attack; are not going to be around for Thanksgiving, Stacey invites Haylee home with her family. Stacey's family immediately welcomes Haylee and in turn finds a new family in them, something she hadn't had for a long time. Things are different for Haylee and Zander; Stacey's older brother though and throughout the years their feelings grow with Haylee never accepting his or any other guys advances after what she experienced. Finally, Haylee accepts an invitation for a date with Zander and after a scary run in with her attacker from years ago their relationship takes on a very serious level quickly. Can Haylee overcome all that holds her back? Can Zander break down her walls?

This is the second book I have read by Janet and while I have a hard time connecting to the writing style in this book, the characters immediately swept me up in their storm. You feel for Haylee and all she experiences, you want to be there for her since no one else ever was. Zander is just a perfect sweetheart. I was so happy to see the way he treated Haylee and I found myself falling for him more and more by the minute. There were a few editing errors but in general it was put together well. I would recommend this book to anyone who can handle a little tough content in their stories.


Copy provided for honest review.

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