Saturday, 7 February 2015

Reading Challenge Week 5

Week Five
A Book You Can Read in a Day

Moment of Impact by Karen Stivali

Karen Stivali has written a great book in the m/m romance genre. I want to start by saying that this was my first venture into m/m, and I was not at all disappointed. It was sweet, it was steamy, and it was tastefully done. 

A short read, that follows a blossoming relationship between Tanner and Collin. Collin being from a strict, irish catholic background, and Tanner from the accepting familial background. Collin goes through a pretty strong game of emotional tug-of-war before coming to terms with who he is, and what we wants in his life. Tanner is patient, kind and understanding, but also dealing with Collin's emotions, and not wanting to hurt him, and push him away. 

If you want something quick, sweet and are into the m/m genre, or want a great stepping stone into it, then definitely pick this one up! 


Trail of the Raven: Haiti by Chip Davis
Amazon US

This is the journey of Jack Raven, a man who after the death of his adoptive mother/great aunt Ana sets off to learn more about his mother and his ancestors by retracing his mother steps from the last trip she went on before he came to live with her. From there Jack goes on a journey like nothing I
have read recently.

Chip takes you away with his words and you find yourself feeling like a companion to Jack's journey rather than an observer. Intermingled with the story we find ourselves experiencing tragedy, love, family, loss and a sense of togetherness as Jack's bond and in turn yours; grows with each new thing that happens with these characters. Set largely in Haiti it was an educational and fascinating read. I would recommend this book to anyone and I definitely look forward to reading more of Jack's journeys.

(Part of the proceeds from purchasing this book go to a man named Georges and his teenage son in Haiti towards their dream of opening their own restaurant. After reading this story, Georges will have a small piece of your heart.)


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