Sunday, 15 February 2015

Reading Challenge Week 6

2015 Reading Challenge
Week Six
A Book Set In A Different Country

The Legend of Arturo King by LB Dunbar
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This novel quickly made it's way to being one of my favourites that I have had the chance to review so far and I am so glad I chose it as my challenge book for this week. This book had such a great storyline behind it and I absolutely loved it.

Arturo King is lead member of the band The Nights, along with his bandmates Lansing Lotte, Perkins Vale and Tristan Lyons. One night while playing at The Round Table an underground music mecca where they once got started he sees a vision in white and immediately wants to know more about the mysterious woman. Only she isn't as mysterious as he thought, she just happens to be the only daughter of the manager of The Round Table; Leo DeGrance and her name is Guinevere. Someone he's known distantly for years. She notices Arturo as well and the two begin a journey unlike anything I have ever read before.

The way the author tailored her tale so closely to the Arthurian Legends, something I have always been interested in, was absolutely fantastic. It was great to see the story played out in a modern way. This book leaves you with a doozey of a hangover that has me pulling my hair and officially waiting anxiously for the next book in the series.


Mysterious Miss Channing by Nadine Millard
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I loved this book. I love the way relationships are explored, and all the decency that is in the forefront in historical romances. I also absolutely loved reading the thoughts that pass through Julia's and Lord Ranford's minds while they're tiptoeing around each other, working to discover if the other holds similar feelings.

Julia joins this high society family as a companion to the dowager, and is never once made to feel as an employee, but rather a part of the family. It is through this family that she becomes the sparkle in Lord Ranford's wandering eye. Ranford is new to this Lord business after the passing of his father. He was rather enjoying a life of debauchery before it all came to a quick standstill and responsibility kicked in. Julia is a mystery to all, she never speaks much about her family, or her past, but after a ball that takes place at Ranford house, it all comes spilling out when her father decides to make his way into play.

Reading this, I felt as if I was a fly on the wall watching it all coming together. Other than a few grammatical errors that caught my eye, I will say this is one I will come back to reading time and time again. It's classic, well-thought out, and wonderfully written.


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