Saturday, 11 April 2015

A Veil of Glass and Rain: Special Edition by Petra March


This title was the most captivating to me. We learned what was meant by it in the beginning, and it is a theme that reoccurred at the end of the story. It was an interesting connection to the characters, and how they saw each other. But unfortunately it was the only part of the story that I truly connected with. I found there was depth of character missing between the POVs, making it hard to determine who was speaking, without the indication at the beginning of the chapter. The author also jumped around between past and present, and at times those events just didn’t seem to match up for me.

Both the main characters; Brina and Eagan, lead lives that are essentially left to their own devices, as both of their parents travel worldwide for work,  and amazingly enough, don’t turn into the irresponsible adults one would expect, but they do of course have the tendency of not trusting anyone, or themselves, to know what it is they want for a fair portion of their young lives. An unfortunate event leads Eagan to change his path, he was determined to live his live with Brina. Brina however, she just sees herself as weak and damaged, which came across in her character- the delicate, precious flower.

The plot line of this story has so much potential. It’s a rehashing of friends become lovers, with these two meeting for the first time when Brina is 9 and Eagan is 14, and all the events that take place over the next 9 years.  The writing style did not do it much justice, however. The odd choices in vocabulary, and a constant use of those same odd words, as well as the lack of character depth between the POVs made it hard to read and left a lot to be desired for me. 


(Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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