Monday, 13 April 2015

Tracking a Shadow by R Weir

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                                                                 RATING: 4 STARS

Jarvis Mann is a P.I. on the case. When he gets the call from young and beautiful Emily saying she needs his help he decides to take the case. Emily is afraid and swears she has a stalker so she hires Jarvis to track down this stalker and provide her with a bit of security. Soon though, Jarvis realizes this case is a lot more difficult than a simple stalker case. Can Jarvis solve the case while navigating some new romantic entanglements or will he fail and risk Emily getting hurt?

This book was an easy read with a case of the whodunit. Once I got into this story I was definitely invested in finding out who the baddie really was. Jarvis was a good character, he had a sense of humor and was very 'human" although a little bit of willpower wouldn't have been amiss when it came to feminine wiles. If you love a book that keeps you guessing and following along with the action I recommend this book to you.


(Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.) 

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