Friday, 24 April 2015

Surge by Serena Kearney


I read Pneuma awhile ago for Serena,and I adored it. I was excited when I was asked to read and review Surge, and was not disappointed at all. Serena has carried on the story of Estelle, her leaving Earth, and coming to terms with a whole new life, and working through the possibilities of her camatic; or soul mate all the while on edge, and ready to fight whatever battle pops up during this war she has stepped into. 

I'm not typically a sci-fi reader, but I love Serena's books because she manages to combine sci-fi and a romance story in one with it seeming completely possible, and not at all far-fetched. She makes it easy to connect with the characters, and makes me feel like I'm fighting alongside the soldiers and protecting my princess from page one to 'the end'. 

I would strongly urge you to pick up Pneuma if you haven't read it, especially since it's FREE, and then keep right on reading with this one. 


(Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.)

***To read my review of Pneuma click here.

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