Monday, 13 April 2015

Trancing the Tiger by Rachael Slate

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After losing her parents to the Red Death, Lucy Yeoh runs to Malaysia looking for answers. Once there she goes to stay with her Uncle who she doesn't really know much about. There she encounters Sheng, the abnormal hottie who lives next door. Then things get weird Sheng swears she has the Chinese Zodiac spirit animal the Rabbit. Lucy think he's crazy. Slowly though Lucy becomes immersed in all the supernatural superstition and discovers she's so much more than she ever thought possible. Lucy and Sheng must team up with the other Spirit animals if they want to defeat the cause of the Red Death; The Plague God. Romance blooms when it shouldn't and things go places they never imagined, they'll teach each other things they never expected all the while fighting to save the world.
I just loved this story. I have never read a novel like this before. I loved the Chinese Zodiac spirit animals, the culture that was present in this story. I loved Sheng and Lucy and their chemistry was fantastic. The other characters too just captured me from the beginning. I honestly could not put this book down. It kept me enthralled from start to finish and left me wanting more. I will definitely be adding the rest of these stories to my personal TBR and I recommend you do too!

(Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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