Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Edge of Hope by Alina Popescu


Alexa has been through a lot, she’s working and writing in hopes of finding her way through life after her ex-boyfriend and now ex best friend turned out to be complete jerks. She runs into Anthony during this time, he wants to interview her because of the novel she’s writing, and the original twist she’s spinning on vampires. As it turns out, she wasn't so off on that spin, and it’s Anthony that enlightens her to this information. Anthony leads us to Louis. Louis is everything that Anthony isn't. He’s cautious, concerned for Alexa, and most of all- he’s kind.

This is a one of a kind vampire story. The origins of vampires is different, and interesting, and the way the information is presented keeps you baited and waiting for more. The only downfall to this story was that I hit about 60% before anything REALLY kept me hooked and on the edge of my seat and it took about as long to really connect with the characters.

Overall, it’s a great story, and I am wanting to read part two!


(Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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