Friday, 21 November 2014

The Body by D. Nichole King

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Rating: 5 STARS

"The Body" picks up where "The Spirit" left off. I cannot say enough good things about this part of the series. We are introduced to a few new creatures, and the interwoven parts they play in Lucas and Carrie's lives. 

Carrie struggles through this book with her feelings still, wondering if she's being selfish about Lucas and the part she desperately needs him to fill in her life. They face a whole new battle of good and evil, while learning about Lucas' past, and why he is dead, and has not passed on. We learn so much more about the supernatural forces that are living among them, and part of their history, and the council that presides over them.

The growth in characters, and their maturity is seen throughout, and works well for the story. As a YA novel, I always have issues with parts feeling "too grown up" or "too young" for the life they're living, but D. Nichole King has written it so well. I absolutely love it and don't want to wait for the 3rd part! 


(ARC Provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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