Friday, 7 November 2014

The Last Glass by T.M. Lazar


This is a paranormal, young adult book. That for starters, is usually a little out of my depth, but I enjoyed the story line for the most part. The only thing that took away from the plot was how the characters come across. It all unfolds in multiple points of view, which allows you to get a feel for each of the characters and their mindset as a result, but also made it hard to keep track of who you were following. Introducing the characters, we have Tori (female lead), Crispin (male lead); their respectable best friends Sophie and Justin and the antagonist Natalia. 

Tori is moved to the town of Grimmsburg, NY from LA with her Mom, and quickly becomes best friends with Sophie, and falls for Crispin, while Sophie and Justin become enamored with each other. Tori is introduced into this whole other world of paranormality by her new friends and boyfriend, and overnight she became a know all of witchcraft, which frankly, annoyed me. It didn't feel real. There was many parts where it felt like I was being told what was happening, but I didn't get to FEEL what was happening with the characters, and then in other parts, the dialogue felt awkward and rushed, or overflowing with too much emotion. 

As I read this over, I feel like I didn't have much good to say about the book, but I truly did enjoy the plot line, the purpose of the book. I just feel like the telling of the story could have been written differently, to be more captivating. It is a good book. I would definitely recommend it to a YA reader in the future, and would likely read the rest of the books in this series to see how it all comes together.


(ARC provided for honest review)

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