Tuesday, 25 November 2014

P.A.W.S by Debbie Manber Kupfer

Rating: 5 STARS

This was a wonderful YA Paranormal story that sucked me in from the very beginning. Normally, due to the age difference between myself and YA stories (its not that big of a difference I swear) I find a variety of little things that bug me. With this story that did not happen, I love that she explains the history surrounding the supernatural in her story. The characters and the story were very well developed. I would recommend this to any young adult or adult who can appreciate a good story.

The story is about Miri, a young girl who, after being dropped off to her grandmother when she was born realizes that there is more to her life and family than she ever thought possible. They are shapeshifters, one of the original families. When Miri loses her grandmother and is sent to boarding school by her absentee Uncle and Aunt, she discovers that she's not alone and embarks on a journey with her fellow Animagi and paranormal friends. Together, they set off to save each other from dark forces that are at work. Dark forces that are closer to Miri than she ever imagined.


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.)

*** Review for book 2 is also available.

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