Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Spirit by D. Nichole King

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Witches, demons and ghosts grace us with their presence in this small town in Iowa. Carrie is told she has to live with her Grandparents in Villisca, Iowa for the summer after her parents divorce and her Mom has a rough time with it. Carrie dreads it, but she quickly changes her mind after settling in, starting work, and meeting a few people, including Lucas. 

Lucas and Carrie fall for each other almost instantly, but the evil powers that be just don't want that to happen. Carrie is propelled into a world of uncertainty. Feelings she's not sure of and feelings she doesn't think she deserves after experiencing the heartbreak her mother went through. Lucas is not something of this world. Megan; who works with Carrie, is and warns Lucas to stay away from her. We watch these two dance between knowing what they feel is right, and what's meant to be. This is a story of heartache, a story of love. A story of good and evil, and the battle between them. 

D. Nichole King has done a great job of syncing good and evil with love and heartbreak in this book. This was her debut novel, released in April 2014, and the 2nd part of the series was released on Nov 18th. Stay tuned for the review of "The Body." 


This book is currently free- snatch it up now while you still can!

*** You can find our review of book two "The Body" here.

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