Friday, 7 November 2014

You Are My Sunshine by Angie Merriam


  Rating: 4 STARS.

Honestly, what did I just read?. It was like one minute I thought I might have it figured out and then BAM I get slapped in the face with a crazy new piece to the story. I LOVED IT!!! I'm not going to sit here and say I loved everything about it. I found at times I was shaking my head at some of the events that were happening or something someone was saying just because it seemed a little bit unrealistic. Overall though, I really did enjoy this book. It also deals with cheating, something I generally shy away from and have a hard time getting through, but even though I have such strong feelings on the subject the main way it was involved in the story did not really offend me the way some others do. I have to admit, I started this book not liking the leading male character, he was a cheater, she deserved better, I was very biased against him. By the end I think I liked him more than the heroine. The heroine was great she was smart, independent, and determined not to fall back into a relationship she wasn't sure she could ever truly trust again. The background characters were great, Dane and Trish were great supporting characters I looked forward to seeing them appear throughout the story.

                                      “Have you been working out Matt?"

“I will never hurt you again. You are my Sunshine. No one can take my sunshine away.”

                                                         "Do you crave my touch anymore?”

So the story goes like this. Sunshine Everly loved her husband, in fact she's certain that she still does. Matt Everly loved his wife, but he made a horrible mistake that ruined his marriage. Sunshine swears she will never be able to trust Matt again, how can she give him her heart again when the last time she did he broke it. Matt swears he will do WHATEVER it takes to make her see that they can start again and that they can overcome what they've been through. I loved watching the relationship build back up between these two. They were just sweet you just want so very much for everything to be okay. However while this is going down, and Matt is working to get back into Sunshine's good books murder, secrets and lies attack the small town of Lincoln. At a rather good pace the story unfolds for you and has you guessing over and over again. As I said at the beginning, there were a few times in the book I found myself shaking my head because something I was reading wasn't very realistic, but it was minor enough for it to not really effect the feel of the story for me. Anyways if you enjoy a good case of "Who Done It" pick up this book by Angie Merriam you won't be sorry you did. 


(ARC provided for honest review.)

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