Monday, 17 November 2014

Numb by Xavier Neal

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Logan and Maxx! Hello, and thank you for finally getting to that place you need to be at! It makes my heart so happy!  

This part of the series is filled with a little more drama and heartbreak than it's counterparts "Blind" and "Deaf." In this book we meet Dean. Dean pulls at Logan's heart strings just a little (I mean A LOT.), and I can't wait to see how he works into the next segment. We're seeing a whole other side to Logan. A side that makes my insides all gooey and we see Maxx's weaker moments. We learn more of their history, and we can see why they have such great chemistry and the dynamics in their family unit that keep them going, and keep them together. 

Once again, that inner monologue, and the dialogue with the audience captivates me. It speaks to me. I don't have enough praise for it.

Seriously- I do not want to wait until December for "Hush." But I will, since I have to. ;)


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.) 

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