Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Kiss by Erica M. Christensen

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Rating: 4 STARS

The Kiss is the debut novella from Erica M. Christensen. It's a New Adult contemporary romance story that introduces us to Addison (Addi). This poor girl has the life she's grown accustomed to, ripped out from under her, her job, her home, her fiance. All gone. So, she heads home to Iowa from Los Angeles to live with her Mom. 

While home, she gets in touch with some of the friends she grew up with. Friendships are tested, relationships are strained, bombs are dropped. It feels like a rough go for dear Addi, and life just isn't ready to sort itself out for her yet. That is until she gets a beer dumped on her in a bar on New Year's Eve by Sexy Tattooed Man. 

I cannot wait to read more of this story. It ends on a fantastic note, and definitely leaves you wanting more. The only point that brought this down for me was during the reading. I felt like the relationship that was being explored needed more depth, deserved more depth. With that said, once I got to the end, I understood what was happening. As a result, it brought the book up from 3.5 stars, to 4. 


(ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.)

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