Friday, 28 November 2014

The Other Inheritance by Rebecca Jaycox


When I first started this book I am not going to lie, I was a little worried about the pace at the beginning and I was wondering if it was ever going to pick up a little bit to where it really snagged my attention. Let me tell you, it does. Just push through the beginning because once this story gets going it takes you on a great journey into the Other; a world the opposite from Earth (The Real).

We join Reggie on her journey into the other a land she never knew existed, filled with magic she had no clue existed either. That is until things started coming back to life from her touch. Reggie thought she was just another girl with a drunk for a mother and father she never really got a chance to know. Until she starts dreaming of Rhys her guardian and experiences things she can't rationally explain. As the story continues we learn more of what Reggie is and what she can do. We also have Asher, who at first is an unlikely hero but as his relationship with Reggie blooms he begins to question everything he is doing. Now the book kind of does leave you hanging, but not in a way that takes from the story. I found as soon as we are transported to the Other things really start to get interesting as Reggie has to wade through the lies, betrayal and new information and characters who you begin to love as well. All of this, to take out an evil that wants nothing more than to make sure there is no one left to contest its power. Will Reggie be able to figure things out and save the ones she loves? I can't wait to find out!


(ARC provided for honest review.)

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