Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fractured by Leanne Pearson

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Rating: 5 stars

This is the story of loss, heartbreak and the hard and long journey back from grief. It's a story about learning to move on, even when it seems like you never will. It's the story of what happens when two people so broken and lost find each other and realize maybe, just maybe there can be love after loss.

Our main characters in this story are Kate and Dom. After suffering the loss of her long time love and boyfriend, Kate is struggling under the heavy weight of her grief. Suffering from the staggering symptoms of PTSD, immense survivor's guilt, and a broken heart she spirals into a life where the only thing that seems to matter is how much she can drink to make the pain go away. Enter Dom, a struggling war survivor who knows exactly what Kate is going through when it comes to her PTSD and wants nothing more than to make the shadows disappear from the woman who seems to push everyone away in her grief. Dom doesn't give up though, and we follow along while he tries to help her back into the world she's shut herself off from. Dom knows a little bit about survivors guilt himself, after being one of the very few survivors from a tour in Afghanistan, he's struggled with his own demons for years. Almost right away he is drawn to Kate, he sees her struggles and understands what it's like. Their journey together isn't always easy but not much is a match for love, it always finds a way.

I want to tell you so much more about this story, since I can't, I will just say that you will not be disappointed. I cried, I laughed, I got really freaking frustrated at points with the heroine because I just really wanted her to realize what she was doing to herself and those around her but at the same time I understood. Dom was what every hero should be. His devotion to Kate from the beginning had my tummy all a flutter. He was strong and that was just what Kate needed, someone who could help shoulder and fight through all of the negative feelings and thoughts Kate constantly struggles with. If you are looking for a story about love lost, love found and love's redemption then please pick up a copy of Fractured by Leanne Pearson you won't be sorry. GREAT debut novel.


(ARC provided in exchange for honest review.)

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